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Rustic Bread

Silver Rum

Hand crafted from the finest ingredients and double distilled in our custom copper hybrid pot still.  This agricole-style Rum is smooth with hints of vanilla and earthy sugar cane. Exceptional as a mixed drink and respectable on its own chilled.

Martini on Marble

Spiced Rum

We start with a yeast that produces more Rum esters and add generous amounts of spice including cinnamon, clove, vanilla, and lemongrass. Our spiced rum is unlike any other. Enjoy on the rocks or mixed in our recommended cocktails.

Rustic Beach Path

Ancient Rum

Our Ancient Rum is aged in oak barrels with a blend of sassafras, cherry woods, and spices that compliment. Vanilla, caramel, spice, and earth notes are pronounced in this aged rum. Savior this superior aged rum neat or chilled.